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Smarter, easier payroll with ePayroll

Employee Self Service (ESS)
Employee Self Service (ESS) is a secure, online portal where employees can access their information anytime, anywhere.
Provide your staff with the access to things like payslips and leave accruals through Employee Self Service.
They can also update their personal details such as contact information and addresses, saving time for your business.
As an employer, tap into the central database of employee information, streamline time-consuming paper based systems and let your staff focus on more strategic tasks.
On-Demand Reporting

On-Demand Reporting enables clients to run a range of reports online 24/7 from anywhere with internet connectivity. On-Demand Reports is in addition to the reports you receive after you run your payroll reports. The reports contain client payroll and Human Resource related data and are available in a variety of formats from PDF to CSV and XLS. Secured with 128 encryptions, On-Demand Reports provide employers and business managers to download and access to critical employee information anytime anywhere.

A big focus of the report selection for inclusion in On-Demand Reporting is assisting clients with compliance and control of their payroll process. All clients signing up for the service will be given 20 Free trial credits. Clients will also have access to all their historical payroll process reports and monthly compliance reports.

  • Convenience of having reports in various formats.
  • Produce and store your critical reports securely.
  • Ensures you always have access to the reports.
  • Cut out wasting time looking for data.


Online Leave Management

Leave Management enables your employees to project and then apply for leave using our online secure portal. This will enhance the efficiency and improve the integrity of your leave management process.

We know the frustrations and potential compliance issues that can occur when paper-based leave forms go missing. Never lose your employee’s leave applications or leave forms again!

Now, employees can view their leave accruals online and apply for leave easily, online, anytime. Managers are also able to apply for leave on behalf of employees and manage their employees online leave applications.

As an Employer, you also have the ability to add and customise your own unique company holidays and state holidays. Once added, if leave is taken during these dates ePayroll will recognise these as holidays.


  • Online leave Applications.
  • Online leave projection.
  • Automatic escalation of approval if not actioned within set time.
  • View online annual leave balances.
  • An organizational chart can be viewed online.
  • Allows the YTD updates of employees’ initial leave accruals.
  • Managers are able to view leave balances, history, rosters and project leave.
  • Managers can initiate applications on behalf of employees (e.g. sick leave).
  • Eliminates lost paper forms, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars each year
  • Ensures that all leave applications will be dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Managers can view employee’s leave balance and history prior to approving applications.
  • Managers can view staff roster implications prior to approving leave.
  • Approved leave automatically integrates into the payroll.
  • Managers have an trail of all leave applications.
  • Expense applications can be managed through the same workflow.
General Ledger Integration

General Ledger (GL) Integration enables a company to have a file automatically produced at the end of each payroll process that can automatically be uploaded into the accounting system. GL Integration can be made with accounting systems like MYOB, XERO, JCurve, Accpac, Netsuite, Accounts IQ etc.

The company can configure which payroll codes relate to specific which GL codes. The principal benefit is that the GL Integration eliminates the need for data entry between payroll and accounts. This eliminates transposition errors enhances integrity and improves efficiency.


  • You can create any combination of paycodes to GL codes you require.
  • Can integrate all cost centers or different to each cost center.
  • Can associate GL codes with any number of liability accounts and accruals such as leave accruals and superannuation liability.
  • Where your accounting system is not online we can upload into your account systems.
  • Operates online payroll as though it was an extension of your accounting system.
  • Payroll module of accounting systems; as it is automated, it has ability to accommodate high levels of complexity with zero effort going forward.
Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging is defined as the process of an employee specifying the components of their total remuneration, which may be a combination of cash salary or benefits in accordance with a menu of items allowed by an employer. It often involves the employee foregoing a part of their future entitlement to salary or wages in return for the employer providing them with benefits with the same total cost to the employer, but providing better value to the employee. The advantage of the Salary Packaging functionality is that it enables a user to design salary packaging structures that are tax efficient yet fully compliant. This is true for both commercial and not for profit organizations.

Charities and public & not for profit hospitals have legislative advantages in the items that can be paid as a benefit, as they are exempt from fringe benefits tax up to a certain limit per employee for these organisations. Salary packaged benefits in Australia generally attract Fringe Benefit Tax within the Australian taxation system, with a few exceptions – some benefits are Fringe Benefit Tax exempt, including mobile phones and laptop computers.


  • Wizard driven for easier compliance.
  • Minimize tax legitimately and comply with reporting obligations.
  • Cost saving module.
  • Fully complied with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) to increase efficiency.
  • All components are integrated into pay slips.
  • All payments can be automated and available in reports.
  • Easy integration of Salary Packaging into payroll.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • Totally efficient and compliant.
  • Good for staff retention.
  • Improved cash flow as less pressure on bonuses.
  • Potential reduction in workers compensation, public liability and payroll tax.
Superannuation 'SuperStream' Fulfilment

ePayroll and eCorporate Superannuation offering is 100% compliant. Employers have an obligation to pay superannuation on behalf of employees through SuperStream.

With the introduction of the governments SuperStream reform from the 1st July 2015, we’ve invested significant resources in developing our SuperStream solution ensuring a compliant superannuation payment service.This completely eliminates a messy and time consuming component of employee management.

ePayroll and eCorporate offer a monthly or quarterly complete fulfilment of the employer’s obligation.


  • Payment of any superannuation contribution to any super fund via SuperStream.
  • Supplies information to the super funds to readily identify employee and fund.
  • Improve the integrity of the super payments system.
  • Generation of superfund and fulfillment report (monthly).
  • Works with all the super funds in the country.
  • Auto process on monthly or quarterly cycles.
  • Super fund information is up to date.
  • Allows the YTD updates of Super Contribution.
  • Minimizes the possibility of loss of super payments being lost or not traceable.
  • Simple integration of Superannuation into payroll.
  • Complete control and compliance with all Super funds.
  • Calculates super contribution.
  • Evade loss of Super payments.
  • Save time administering.
On-Demand Docs
On-Demand Docs enables you to select which documents:
  • Can be viewed by all/few staff with records of when and by whom they were viewed;
  • Can be viewed and edited by individual staff member and their manager; and
  • Are secure to managers only for viewing or editing.
Uses of On-Demand Docs
  • Employment contracts or letters or engagement.
  • Performance review document;
  • Job descriptions and KPI.
  • Company policies and procedures.
  • New employee forms (Fair Work Statement).
  • Workers compensation incident report etc.
  • Statements of company assets held by employees.
  • A central place for all employee related documents viewable online.
  • Ability for you to determine who can add, view and delete documents.
  • Increase productivity and saves time.
  • Supports most data types, doc, docx, xml, csv, pdf etc.
  • Integrated into Employee Self Service.
  • Performance review documents.
Benefits of On-Demand Docs
  • One stop document management.
  • Never lose another document!
  • Flexible – you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Economical.
  • Software upgrades are included in the service.
  • Reduces paper wastage- better for the environment.
  • Outstanding security and data recovery capabilities.
  • ePayroll support.
Drive Innovation Through Automation

Managing your employee time & attendance just got simpler.

Synchronise is an online time and attendance system that provides a sophisticated Work Rules engine, interpreting time captured into Awards or EBAs.

Turn timesheets and Leave into payroll – all automatically, all online.

Stay In Control

Capture start/finish times, break times, interpret hours, overtimes & penalties automatically using your Modern Award and EBA obligations.

Integrate with TimeStation

Use TimeStationTM to record employee time by checking in/out via QR code or 4 digit pin. Managers can view, track and approve times and run attendance reports.

Flexible Timesheets

Throw away paper timesheets and manual data entry. Use online timesheets to interpret awards and integrate with Leave.

Define Your Time

Allocate your hours depending on department, cost centre or project.

Anytime, Anywhere

Seamlessly integrates into existing ePayroll software ensuring full access at your fingertips. Set reminders so your team stays informed 24/7.

Accuracy in Automation

By automating your interpretations, you can completely eliminate manual errors in your award interpretation processes.

Supported ePayroll Web Browsers
ePayroll is supported by:
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 and above)
Mozilla Firefox (Version 3.6 or higher)
Google Chrome (Almost all versions)
Apple/Microsoft Safari (Version 4.0.4 or higher)
Opera (Version 9.64 or higher)
Apple iPhone

Minimum Recommended Specifications:


  • Internet Speed: 512kb (download/upload)
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • CPU & RAM: Windows x86 or x64 (64 bit mode support for IE only) 1.6ghz or higher processor with 512MB of RAM
Assisted Payroll

Get the support you always wanted

Regardless of your ultimate goal – be it increasing internal efficiencies, saving money, or even reducing the business risk and exposure – a well-planned and smooth transition will ensure that you maximise your organisational benefits. It is common that this exercise is being conducted because there are too few people in your business and it will give key people back vital time to focus on core business.

By using ePayroll’s Assisted Payroll, you can benefit from industry specialists, with all aspects of your data and all information leading to payroll managed securely. Having assistance means when complex payroll questions arise in your business, you get answers. Whether it is redundancy, long-service leave, salary packaging or complex termination calculations, answers are provided when you need them.


Reduce Your Cost Structures
Saving money is the most common reason for outsourcing payroll – typically, organisations should expect to save 40-70%. Ultimately, the ROI could be the main justification albeit; there are considerable benefits and technological advantages. In order to effectively evaluate the service options, determine your current cost structure. You may not realise how much it actually costs you now, which is the wage cost to capture hours, interpret what those hours mean for payroll, process pays, check calculations, investigate gaps in information, produce summaries, receive sign off, answer all questions about pay related matters, provide payslips, make changes to employee records and calculate terminations.

Reduce Reliance on Particular Individuals
You may be concerned about how much of the payroll process is conducted by too few people in your business, or how much you rely on those few people. The current situation may also cause stress around payroll, particularly if a vital person is sick. Dependence on one or more individual(s) unnecessarily exposes your business to a number of risks, including, miscalculations, mistakes or poor compliance management.

Increased Compliance
It is both challenging and costly to remain on top of a demanding and constantly-changing Australian compliance landscape.

Regardless of whether your challenges are Income Tax, Superannuation, Industrial Relations or Payroll Tax, they are all complex. The cost of getting it wrong (or proving that you are compliant) could be sizable. Compliant outsourcing reduces the business risk and exposure.



Why Compliance Matters

For many business owners, payroll and compliance can be a foreign, daunting or difficult function to manage.

Many also make the assumption that they are complying and put the onus on the employee to raise the issues and mistakes.

The importance of getting payroll right has never been so critical for businesses. We have recently witnessed high-profile brands being publicly scrutinized for wage non-compliance, resulting in massive fines, reputational risk and a loss of the public’s trust.

Our complex legislative obligations mean that understanding what your staff should be paid can be a challenging task. Honest mistakes can be made around calculating minimum wage rates, entitlements, annual leave and penalty rates – and can often be the difference between complying with Fair Work and putting your franchise at risk.

Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (STP), a more regular and streamlined way of receiving payroll and superannuation data from employers, will be introduced by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on 1 July 2018. In the world of payroll, this is a big deal. It represents one of the most significant changes by the ATO in many years and Australian businesses will need to ensure they are ready to meet the new obligations.

The roll out will happen in two stages. It will firstly become compulsory for ‘substantial employers’, which are businesses with 20 staff or more, from 1 July 2018, and those employing less than 20 staff from 1 July 2019.

In the first stage, the ATO requires every business employing 20 staff or more at the 31 March 2018 to be STP compliant. This includes each employee, not just full-time equivalents, as well as casual employees and those on leave. In short, you will meet your obligation by sending the ATO an electronic message at the time employees are paid. That transaction must contain all details of each employee’s gross, tax and net payments as well as superannuation, and lastly, details of new employees and terminations.

Employers currently report Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholdings via their Business Activity Statement (BAS) but under the new STP scheme, this information will be submitted to the ATO at each pay event, via your payroll software or payroll service provider. Once fully implemented, STP will negate the need for businesses to produce PAYG Payment Summaries for employees and will provide the ATO with a substantial real-time level of granularity on every payroll transaction across Australia.

What does this mean for you?

After every “pay event” including the payment of salaries and wages, allowances, deductions and other payments, PAYG withholding and superannuation, STP reporting will take place.

With ePayroll, you don’t need to worry, we are LIVE with STP and take care of all the backend!


Employee Onboarding

Having new employees become familiar with your business before their first day will not only enhance the employee experience and create a great first impression of your company, it also takes care of compliance, saves you time and saves you money. ePayroll’s employee onboarding is designed to accomplish just that.

Minimise Data EntryMinimise data entry. Employee details will automatically be created in ePayroll.
Automatic regulatory reportingCollect and report TFN’s directly to the Australian Taxation Office.
Employee experience starts before day 1 Embed video onboarding messages from your organisation’s leaders.
Employees enter their own data Employees enter personal and bank account details online.
Compliance made easy Send contracts and other compliance documents.
Super funds nominated by the employee electronically Employees nominate their superannuation account to receive contributions.


  • Reducing the time before a new employee can make a positive contribution to the new organisation.
  • Designed to humanize the organization, it provides information about the business’ history, culture, mission and values, as well as profiles of the people they’ll be working (closely) with.
  • Ensures that all the compliance obligations associated with new employee On-Boarding are covered before the employee starts.
  • Helps the new employee become acquainted with their work colleagues before they start.
  • Drive new employee productivity, accelerate learning and significantly improve talent retention.

Industry Support:

  • 66% increased rate of successful assimilation of new hires into company culture.
  • 62% increased time-to-productivity ratio.
  • 54% higher employee engagement.
  • 1/25 employees leave their new job due to poor onboarding (20% turnover in first 45 days).


Get a free 30 day Trial

Payroll: $5 per employee per month

• Award Winning Payroll
• STP Compliant
• Employee Self Service & Mobile App
• Expense Management
• Employee Payments
• PAYG, Payroll & Superannuation Payments
• Employee Onboarding
• Phone and Email Support
• GL Integration
• Cloud Secure

Optional Add-ons

Time & Attendance


per employee per month

Time & Attendance and Award Interpretation


per employee per month

*Additional charges may apply

Assisted Payroll


per employee per pay cycle

(weekly, monthly, fortnightly)

Discover smarter, easier payroll

Partner Program

Save time. Scale your services

You’re invited to join the ePayroll Partner Program, an automated, intuitive and streamlined payroll management system that saves time and increases capacity for billable activities.  

The initiative is particularly timely in with the disruption of STP to SME payroll management (and corresponding opportunity to offer a solution to this increasingly buoyant sector).  

Partner benefits:


  • Automated, intuitive and streamlined  
  • Provides a complete payroll managed service 
  • Seamless integration with leading GLs (not just an add-on to GL) 
  • New and higher margin service opportunities  
  • Reduces risk/ STP compliant 
  • Reporting designed to support APES320 compliance 
  • Low-cost pricing structure and easy-to-use
Payroll Partner

Direct Management Model

The right fit for firms that are focussed on evolving client relationships directly and are invested in their branding/ firms identity: 

  • Manage your client’s payroll directly
  • Brand the ePayroll software with your firm’s logo (white labelled)
  • From $3.50 +GST /employee /month
  • Run your firm’s payroll on ePayroll free of charge
  • 1-month free trial
  • Support and training
  • Client-centric marketing and support collateral
Referral Partner

Spot & Refer Model

The right fit for firms that are focussed on providing service extensions to clients, but aren’t in the position to implement a payroll solution directly:

  • Introduce your clients to ePayroll and receive the spot and refer rebate. We’ll then oversee the payroll on your behalf for the client
  • 20% rebate on net subscription fees
  • 1-month free trial
  • Support and training
  • Client-centric marketing and support collateral

Become a Partner

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